Frankfurt Field Notes

The Frankfurt Zoological Society was founded 160 years ago and for 60 years we have been supporting all kinds of nature conservation projects. During this time, our colleagues have experienced numerous stories that don’t belong in a scientific study or glossy magazine, but are nevertheless worth telling.

In this blog our colleagues talk about the small, but memorable experiences in their lives as conservationists. Each story is based on a very personal experience. Read one, read more, read across. Our work is challenging, diverse, sometimes tragic, but also very fulfilling.

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History of Frankfurt Zoological Society

The Frankfurt Zoological Society was founded in 1858 by Frankfurt citizens to establish a zoo. Until World War I, it operated Frankfurt Zoo, which was then integrated into the city administration. The Frankfurt Zoological Society went bankrupt in 1915.

In 1950 the Zoological Society was newly founded as a support association for the Frankfurt Zoo and made a major contribution to the reconstruction of the zoo after the Second World War. From the mid-1950s, Bernhard and Michael Grzimek’s animal censuses in the Serengeti developed nature conservation work into the society’s second funding priority.

The first donations went to Africa to establish national parks. Today, we support 30 different programmes in 18 countries.

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