1858 • • • 2011 • • • 2018

In May 2011 I became head of finance for FZS’s Africa Programme, location of office: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. But before I could start work, I had to deal with a rather special problem my bank came up with: They needed an orderly verification of my new address in Serengeti. That proved to be tricky, because here we don’t have street names or numbers let alone postcodes. Could I provide an electricity bill? I could not, because solar panels and a generator produce my electricity. A water bill? Afraid not, because the rains and a water tank provide me with all the water I need. Phone bill? Sorry, no can do, there are no landlines in Serengeti and mobile phones only worked with prepaid cards these days! In the end, a letter from FZS HQ in Frankfurt was enough to convince my bank, that I indeed was now living in the middle of Serengeti National Park.

Donald Boag was our Head of Finance Africa and worked part-time as Santa Claus for the children of Seronera. In Tanzania, we provide critical support and know-how for resource protection, monitoring, and park management.