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In the year 1858, a handful of Frankfurt citizens came together with the idea to create a place where people could spend time outside and learn about nature. A park was needed that would house animals according to their needs – in short: a zoo.

The society managed to find potent donors, the old established Frankfurt families Rothschild, Binding, Merton and Oppenheimer. Even today these names are ever-present in the city of Frankfurt.

When finally the Frankfurt police office had provided a clearance certificate to ”keep bears, wolves and wild boars in suitable repositories”, the zoo opened its gates on 8 August 1858, only five months after the Frankfurt Zoological Society had been founded. By the way: A yearly pass for one-person cost 5 gulden, for a family, 10 gulden.

Frankfurt Zoo and FZS share that historical origin and a close partnership. Today, the zoo is operated by the city of Frankfurt and Frankfurt Zoological Society has developed into an international nature conservation organisation with projects on four continents. Together we promote environmental education in Frankfurt Zoo.

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