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In 1989 the rhinoceros couple Tsororo and Kalusho came from Zimbabwe to Frankfurt Zoo. Jutta W. Thomasius recalls the arrival of the two in the book “Zoo Stories”.

“Tsororo and Kalusho arrived in huge wooden boxes. For months the two remained invisible to the public, distributed in separate enclosures. With great care the animals were accustomed to each other. When the wooden divider fell and it became possible to “sniff at each other” through bars, hope blossomed that they would adjust quickly. But the opposite happened. Kalusho and Tsororo chased each other whenever they got the opportunity.”

Although the two had a difficult start, they sired three daughters, all of whom were brought back to Africa to strengthen the gene pool of wild animals. Her eldest daughter Akura travelled to South Africa in 1996. It was the first zoo-born black rhino in the world that could be reintroduced to the wild, more precisely to the Marakele National Park. There she gave birth to her first daughter in August 2003.

Black rhinoceroses are one of the most endangered species. To preserve the species, we support rhino conservation and monitoring projects in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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