1858 • • • 2005 • • • 2018

At the end of April a pride of lions killed a buffalo right outside our office in Seronera, in the middle of Serengeti. For three days they feasted on their prey just a few metres away from our desks. They guarded their buffalo with great determination. In a spectacular stunt on the office’s veranda they even killed a hyena that had been reckless enough to try and steal a little buffalo meat. There was blood and bits of hyena-remains everywhere. These three days with unrelenting growling and roaring, with hyena-bickering and buffalo-stench,  made it quite clear once again for who it is we are working for here in Serengeti.  We continue to do so with conviction, as we have for almost 70 years.

Professor Markus Borner was our Africa Director for more than 30 years. In Tanzania, we provide critical support and know-how for resource protection, monitoring, and park management.